Latest Annoucements

2023 Club Elections!

Dec. 2 will be the date for the 2024 Club Elections and December Membership / Executive Board meeting. Voting will start at 5 p.m. and go until 7 p.m.

New Range Access FOBs Required for ALL

The Range gate is now operational. Your old gate card will not function anymore. You will need a new FOB. You may get your new Fob from Jerry our Caretaker. They are ONLY available on Sundays 12 noon through 4pm The replacement Fob will cost $10.00 . Please bring correct change. If you have any questions, contact Jason Grimm at 269-927-1793.

Range Orientation – Monday August 7th @ 7:00 PM.

New members seeking to obtain their electronic key for range access need to attend a Range Orientation Session. These are normally held the first Monday of each month at 7 PM. $15.00 will be collected at this time for your new range access key. The next session will be held Monday, August 7th @ 7:00 PM.

Berrien County Sportsman’s Club